$avings news: How to coupon

To score the best deals, get friendly with computers and acquaint yourself with Facebook and other social media tools.

That was the advice of Lori, from Wom-mom.com who presented a FREE Coupon 101 class in Jamestown.

That’s because in addition to traditional coupons clipped from newspaper ads and in-mail fliers, thousands of coupons are available on a company’s website or Facebook page. Just “like” them, print the coupon… and then click “unlike,” Lori said.

Other tips from Lori:

* Don’t buy in bulk: Many times, smaller is better. For example, $1/off a $6 12-pack of  papertowels = 83 cents per papertowel roll. But if you use the $1 off coupon on a $1.50 papertowl roll, that equals 50 cents per papertowel roll. Just use more coupons!

* Subcribe to a newspaper: with Sunday inserts like our sister paper, The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead. With the money saved from coupons and add comparisons, the subscription will pay for itself. Extreme couponers often order more than one subscription (and ask for a deal on delivery *wink*).

* Sign up for EVERYTHING: Lori recommends joining the e-mail lists of the products you love. And don’t limit sign-ups to grociers, she said. Lori joined the Dairy Queen Club for B1G1 blizzards and for joining Perkins.com, she gets deals on yummy meals! Consider creating a seperate e-mail account spefically for coupons and store e-mails because you’ll receive a LOT, Lori said.

* Clip EVERY coupon: Even for items or brands you don’t normally purchase. You never know when that coupon might come in handy. I’d be willing to switch my favorite brand of air freshener if the competitors scents were free… wouldn’t you? 

* Create a coupon organizer: you can purchase mini filers at most office supply stores, Wal-Mart, etc. An extreme couponer carries a binder with the plastic sheets used for dispalying baseball cards.

* Check in with Internet sites: the trick is to time the coupon with the sale. These sites do all that work for you!

  • * valleydealseekers.com
  • * passion4savings.com and
  • * freebies2deals.com: I linked directly to its Wal-Mart page. It lists all the FREE and even MONEYMAKER deals specifically for that store. PERFECT for us in Jamestown! For anyone reading this outside the J-town area, see the right side of the page to links for Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc.

Anyone else have couponing hints? We’d love to hear them!!

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