$avings news: FREE Pizza Corner pizza

For their annual fundraiser, Jamestown’s local boy scouts are selling two king-sized Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or two king-sized Hershey bars for $5. The bars come with a coupon: Deluxe Car Wash for $2.99 (regular price, $6.99) from Stop-N-Go and B1G1 13″ frozen Pizza Corner pizzas.

This week, County Market has Pizza Corner pizzas on sale for $4.99!

So for $9.99, we get

* TWO Pizza Corner pizzas

* TWO king-sized candy bars

* reduced-price car washes

* and the satisfaction of donating to our local Boy Scouts

This is an AWESOME deal -and- money goes to a good cause.

PS: If you’d like to purchase the candy-bar-coupon-deal but don’t know any Boy Scouts, send me an e-mail (kryan-anderson@jamestownsun.com). I’ll hook you up :)