FREE stuff! And we’re recycling too!!

As much as we parents love a good bargain like cheap fajitas, bargain lemonades and frugal feasts, even we can’t get much better than FREE. Especially when we’re talking free stuff for our children!

So, check out the loot I found while covering a story on Jamestown’s Citywide Cleanup Week.

A totally free and totally child-size toilet and rocking chair. I spoiled my kid's booty today... pun intended.


Some of the garbage people trash, is not really trash at all. Like the Sesame Street potty-training chair. It was still in its original box with original tape and original “certificate for learning fun.” I think we parents can agree, a re-used toilet in the trash of someone you don’t know is NOT worth taking home. But a brand new one + a little Lysol? Perfect-o!

And the rocking chair? With a little love and a coat of primer and paint, I’m sure my little Scrunch will get my money’s worth out of it. Hehe! Now, to entice Kirsti from Living in Lovely LaLa Landto share her crafty wisdoms… :)

Cleanup week begins today and lasts through Thursday. All the items are intended for the baler, so anything you keep for yourselves saves the city workers’ time (and backs, I would imagine) and precious space in the landfill.

So grab a pal and a pickup and happy salvaging!

2 thoughts on “FREE stuff! And we’re recycling too!!

  1. That is soo awesome! My mom has been looking for wooden chairs like that one, you sure must have snatched it up first :). We found some trikes for our niece and nephew! and a Kirby vacuum! Free is the best :)

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