$avings news: UPDATE… the ice cream deal was too good to be true

Hugo’s won’t let customers purchase two ice creams for 99 cents within the same transaction. The store doens’t allow two mailer coupons for the same item at the same time. I just got off the phone with customer service.

That means no 50 cent ice cream.

Not that 99 cents is a bad deal, but 50 cents was SO much better! I get a rush when I can save money, it’s almost as exciting as winning the lottery except I earned it. I worked hard at it. I’m PROUD of it. Except now I’m deflated. I’m sorry everyone. I’m sorry to Hugo’s too.

I’m so upset, I might just eat that whole half gallon of ice cream, just to make myself feel better :)

Thanks to reader, Paul, for pointing this out.

Fifty cents for a half gallon of ice cream? You can’t even buy a candy bar for that much!!

But as savers, we can! Remember those coupon magnets we recieved in the mail from Hugo’s??

They look like this:

Magnet mailer from Hugo's

This week, take advantge of the super CHEAP ice cream. The mailer coupon offers 56 ounces of Our Family Ice Cream for 99 cents. Well, savers, we can do better than that!

* Team up with a friend and find TWO of the 99 cent ice cream coupons.

* Print the $1 off two Our Family Ice Creams at Our Family’s coupon site and PRESTO! A super-yummy (and inexpensive!) summer treat!

Note: the 99 cent mailer coupon expires June 11 (Saturday) so don’t delay!!

5 thoughts on “$avings news: UPDATE… the ice cream deal was too good to be true

  1. They will actually let you use 2 of the mailer coupons in the same transaction?

      • I know some stores vary. I had 3 of the corndogs for $3.99 and 3 $1/1 Bar S coupons. 1 store dropped the price to 3.99 and another -$2.00 = $3.48 with the mailer. I went to the store where I paid the $2.48 twice.

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