Expert: Brain wiring due more to experience than genetics

Ever wonder what’s going on in that little brain of your baby? I do.

It’s amazing to watch my son, he accomplishes a new task everyday… covering his face for peekaboo, drinking from a straw, climbing stairs, skirting my attempts to change his diaper… OK, that’s not always fun, but his rapid dexterity is amazing considering a few months ago, belching was his most esteemed talent.

Anyways, Sean Brotherson, family science specialist for the NDSU Extension Service wrote this article on understanding brain development in young children. It’s a few years old, but the information is still relevant.

He writes: In the past, some scientists thought the brain’s development was determined genetically and brain growth followed a biologically predetermined path. Now we know that early experiences impact the development of the brain and influence the specific way in which the circuits (or pathways) of the brain become “wired.” A baby’s brain is a work in progress. The outside world shapes its development through experiences that a child’s senses — vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste — absorb.

Check out the rest of his article, here.

And thanks to Annie Kirs