Headlines: Pregnant Minn. mom kicked in stomach

* Woodburry woman hospitalized after she was assaulted at work: A pregnant group home caretaker was hospitalized June 26 after a resident of the Woodbury group home allegedly kicked her in the stomach.

* South Dakota mom returns home to 2-year-old after injuries in Afghanistan, husband remains overseas: This wasn’t the plan for Andrew and Jenna Schmaltz who deployed together one year ago. The pair intended to serve out their time together working as engineers in southern Afghanistan.

* Jury finds Casey Anthony not guilty in daughter’s 2008 death: Anthony wept after the clerk read the verdict, which jurors reached after less than 11 hours of deliberation over two days. The 25-year-old was charged with first-degree murder, which could have brought the death penalty if she had been convicted.

* Parents to wise up on social networking at NDSU Extension Service Seminar:  The North Dakota State University Extension Service has developed a seminar for parents and caregivers titled “Wanna Be My Friend: The Ins and Outs of Online Social Networking.” The “Wanna Be My Friend” seminar strives to build awareness of both the risks and the rewards of online social networking, to demonstrate how teens use these sites and to foster dialogue among parents/caregivers and young people on the use of social networking online.