Cupcake code: It’s a girl!

How boring am I?

When my kid was in-utero and the ultrasound tech revealed his gender, we called varoius friends and family, made them guess what they thought and followed each answer with either “You’re right!” or “You’re wrong!” and “It’s a boy!”

Not so for expecting parents, Matt and Amanda Johnson, and 20 or so of their closest friends and relatives.

The Johnsons told their ultrasound tech to write down their baby’s gender and seal it in an envelope. They then took the envelope to a baker who made cupcakes, filled with pink frosting, signifying the impending birth of a baby girl.

“I was like, oh my gosh, I’m holding a secret I cannot tell anybody,” Baker Carolina Finol says. “They trust me.”

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The story continues to say that some women bring a couple changes of clothes to the ultrasound appointment, one in blue and one in pink to alert coworkers when they return to the office. Others frame the ultrasound picture in blue or pink and give it to someone else to open. Some couples even chose pink or blue outfits from a baby clothing story and the ultrasound tech wraps the one which corresponds with the growing fetus.

The pink and blue-themed occasions and treats are a way to commemorate a special moment, Finol says.

So what did/would you do? Know anyone who revealed the gender of their child in a unique and fun way?

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  1. I agree with Barb… WAY better to wait until they make their appearance! That’s what I did and I think it made labor go a lot better because I just wanted baby out to know the sex!

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