Would you give your child a breast-feeding baby doll?

One company in Spain would. Already, its sold $2 million worth of the doll.

Bebe Gloton, or Breast Milk Baby, sparked controversy across the U.S. amongst breastfeeding groups (i.e. lactivists), toy-shop owners and more. Young children wear a special halter top with two flowers representing nipples. When Breast Milk baby nears the flowers, she makes a suckling sound, imitating a nursing infant.

“Acting just like ‘mommy,’ girls can learn another natural nurturing skill about taking care of a baby. Just like changing, bathing, swaddling, singing, rocking to sleep, and cuddling for a healthy baby,” company spokesman Dennis Lewis said in a news release.

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So what do you think? Is it inappropriate for children to hold a baby doll to their chest, or is it just an innocent imitation of real life?

2 thoughts on “Would you give your child a breast-feeding baby doll?

  1. I think this is great! Not only is breast fed infants declining, but younger mothers don’t want to do it. I think starting a child out early understanding that this is the best and healthiest way for baby is great. I can see where some moms are uncomfortable, but it is just like giving a baby doll a bottle. Definitely should be sold in the US!~

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