GIVEAWAY! Two pork-roast dinner tickets

A source gave me two tickets to the DEM-NPL Disrict’s 12-29 annual pork roast dinner, and I can’t go, so I’m sharing them with you, dear readers.

The dinner is 5:30 p.m. THIS Sunday, Oct. 16, at Spiritwood School in Spiritwood, N.D. Guest speaker is Sen. Ryan Taylor, D-Towner.

To win, leave a comment below.

Any comment will do, but since this is a politically-based dinner and a parenting-based blog, let’s leave a comment about abortion and the government’s role in regulating it. After reading this story about a pro-life group pushing to require pregnant women to see and hear the fetus’ heartbeat before having abortion, the issue is weighing on my mind. I’d like to hear your thoughts. 


*Leave the comment by 9 p.m. Central Time. I’ll use to select the winner.

* You must pick up the tickets at The Jamestown Sun sometime Friday or Saturday morning.

* Include an email address, please, pretty please, so I can let you know.

Good luck!

4 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY! Two pork-roast dinner tickets

  1. What about cases of rape or incest? Shouldn’t those women be allowed a choice without having to hear a heartbeat?

  2. So, there’s one obvious question here.
    What do you do if the woman in question is blind or deaf? They can’t see/hear the heartbeat….

  3. Protests against this make no sense to me.

    – Women need all information to make the best decision possible.
    – This legislation does not stop women from still choosing to have an abortion.

    The reality is that, regardless of whether or not it’s called a “fetus” or a “baby,” regardless
    of whether or not you believe it is human life or just growing tissue, there is a heartbeat.
    The reality is that, regardless of if what is inside the woman is a person or just has the
    potential to become a person, the woman needs to acknowledge that, if the pregnancy
    survives, she would have a baby. Having an abortion or any other situation that results in
    the termination of the pregnancy means that someone who may have lived, will not.

    Let the woman have all the facts. ALL of them. Failure to do so should be criminal.

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