Congrats to Goldie, and thanks for the abortion talk

Goldie is the winner of two DEM-NPL tickets I gave away yesterday as part of a discussion centered around government’s role in abortion. Congrats to him.

Unlike my promised means of selecting a winner, I chose Goldie by default. No offence, Goldie.

Samantha commented, but doesn’t live near enough to attend said dinner. Although I wouldn’t mind her company. :) And Grace didn’t leave a real email address, so I can’t award her either. Although I do appreciate her comments, especially as she argues the side not taken by Goldie and Samantha.

So the contest is over, but let’s continue the discussion. I’m sure you have more to say.

It seems no matter a person’s occupation, marital status, socioeconomic background, etc., he or she has a strong opinion when it comes to abortion. And with all the talk of debt ceilings, jobs bills and economic woes, perhaps with the ensuing presidential election, we should consider where we fall on the social continuum as well.

So read this story:

“A nationwide coalition of anti-abortion groups said Wednesday it is preparing to push legislation in all 50 states requiring that pregnant women see and hear the fetal heartbeat before having an abortion.”

and submit your opinion below. I’m interested in your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Congrats to Goldie, and thanks for the abortion talk

  1. I think this a questionable idea. Is this not an example of government involvement, when so many want government involvement lessened? Women who become pregnant & know that they are not able to raise a child, for whatever reason, do not need to be required to see and hear a heartbeat before having an abortion. Those who do not understand it all, are the very young girls who need parental approval before undergoing an abortion.

  2. It baffles me how any one can kill a living breathing thing.You can argue tell your blue in the face and it will not change any thing.We all answer to God in the end so explain that one.
    So many familys want children give them up for some one to love. If it was you would you want to be aborted?
    If we can’t do the right thing laws have to come some one has to be the parent…..

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