HEADLINES: And parents thought diapers were bad! Pee liters N.D. highways

* Pee-u: urine clogs North Dakota Oil Patch roadways: “TIOGA, N.D. — Along the wide-open expanses and rolling prairie of western North Dakota surrounding the state’s booming Oil Patch, all sorts of bizarre litter can be found clogging the once picturesque roadside: Derelict hardhats, single boots, buckets, pallets, pieces of machinery, shredded semi tires, oily clothing, cigarette butts.”

* Naughty parents cited for cancelled egg hunt: “Too many parents determined to see their children get an egg jumped a rope marking the boundaries of the children-only hunt at Bancroft Park last year. The hunt was over in seconds, to the consternation of eggless tots and the rules-abiding parents.”

* Marilyn Hagerty: N.D.’s precious pistol: An email she received reads “You are a dolt and the main reason why North Dakota is viewed as being a backwoods dump. The Olive Garden is the McDonald’s of dining … A touch of Europe? Ha! Why don’t you take a vacation and visit New York or San Francisco and see what real people eat?”

* How to be yourself, without embarrassing your kids (too much)?: “I should be selfless, right? Sacrifice my desire to be a goofball for one night to make them happy, right? See, I’m really torn. Part of me thinks my kids need to know that they should be comfortable being who they choose to be.”