Thanks Bottles & Jugs, Tri-J liquor stores for sponsoring Alexis Barnick/Kiwanis event!

We, in Kiwanis, have met some AMAZING sponsors who are helping save the lives of NINE children each minute.

Bottles & Jugs and Tri-J were among the first two to extend a helping hand. The VERY first was the Jamestown Mason organization. HUGE thanks to them!! (and a blog post later)

Kiwanis, along with the vocal talents of “American Idol” contestant Alexis Barnick, is looking to ELIMINATE a terrible disease mothers and babies contract through unsafe birthing practices. It’s called maternal and neonatal tetanus and kills 160 children every day.

Born with health problems, my son is the reason this cause is close to my heart. I think of him and all the mothers suffering so much more than I ever did.

Can you help too? YES please!

Join us for Alexis’ show on Friday, April 13 at the Masonic Lodge in Jamestown. Or make a donation here.